Check out our new Steampunk theme!

Instead of a Bar, refer to it as the ‘Beverage Port’.

Classic Cocktails have never gone out of style; but they shine in the spotlight with this theme:

Old Fashioned



Rob Roy


You don’t have to serve all of these cocktails at one party – you can choose one and make it a Signature Drink, or select a few.  Craft Beers fit perfectly with the Steampunk theme – pick your local favorites.  You will also want to serve Wine (if that is what your guests prefer), you can choose a wine with a funky label, or make a Sangria and serve in a carafe with a Steampunk Inspired label – see the Steampunk Clipart link below for some ideas.

To simplify the bar glassware, you can pick one type of glass and use it for all of your cocktails, it’s okay to break the rules!  The purpose of a party is to have fun . . . to display the glasses and bottles you can set up crates as a bar back – be sure to secure them on the back so that they don’t fall or get knocked over.  A paint stick (free) and a few small nails will secure them.  I also use Painted Paint Sticks to display my Cocktail Signs – you can attach them to the back of the display, or place them in a low glass filled with marbles or pebbles.

Of course Champagne is always an option, you can ice the bottles in Tin Buckets sold at the Hardware Store; and if you want to serve sparkling and still water (for the designated drivers) chilled in buckets – you can paint the buckets different colors with the Metallic Rust-oleum Spray Paints.  For the Sparkling and Still Waters, serve in the same glassware as the cocktails and offer a few garnishes (Wedges of Lemons, Limes and Oranges work great).

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