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Sangria Bar


  1. Fill several drink dispensers or large pitchers with your basics!Choose a red wine sangriawhite wine sangriarosé sangria, and potentially an alcohol-free version if you have kids around! The alcohol free version would obviously be a variety of fruit juices sans wine. One key tip, do not put the fruit slices in these versions. That comes later! You can prep these sangrias up to 3 days in advance plus they’ll taste even better once the flavors have marinated together.
  2. Fruit!The fun comes when guests get to pick from all the tasty fresh fruits. Here are a few I recommend: peaches, lemons, limes, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, grapes, etc! Be sure they’re sliced. Place them in fun containers (even clear vases will work).
  3. Extra Goodies!You might not have originally thought about herbs for sangria but they’re a match made in heaven. Fresh mint, basil, and rosemary all pair well with the fruity flavors. Other goodies to include in your sangria bar? Cinnamon sticks, rock candy swizzle sticks, cloves, etc. Think outside the box!
  4. Extra wine and fruit juices.Even though your original sangrias have wine and fruit juice in them, I always like to serve up a few additional juice varieties (and have a couple of extra bottles of wine on hand) should your dispensers start to get low. Also, some guests might want a little more juice or wine in their sangria.
  5. Display all your mix-ins and sangrias on a bar cart, side table, console, or even an old vintage chest.The key is grouping it all together so guests can easily walk up, grab a glass, and get creative! Consider adding labels so they know “what is what’!

SOURCE: pizzazzerie.com

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